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As a Student, setting Goals, choosing a Career doesn’t have to be strenuous!

Let's make your process of growth easier.

We have all been there, making choices, wanting to live someone else’s expectations, trying to set goals, staying focused, what career choice should I make. How will my years in college look like and can I improve it?

As a father, these questions have often come up with my own children and I have managed to help them out with their choices, as well as hundreds of other students and professionals.

At times, these dilemmas and what may seem like existential questions, can make us or break us. But when we have guidance to a clear path of development and the tools that will make our goals and choices easier, everything else seems to fall into place, making life a more pleasant journey.

So how can Student Coaching help me?

As a Coach and Mentor, I’ll help you define your goals and set a work plan that will prove effective during your first month. You’ll have access to me with unlimited texting from Monday through Thursday to insure you’ll have the support and guidance needed to stay on track.

What if I’m not sure what career I should decide for?

A series of questions and analyses will be made to see what’s your best fit in order to help you make a sound decision.

What will or can we focus on?

Creating an academic year of success: I’ll show you to plan and organize your semester. We will evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, for example; do you procrastinate? We will look at time management, keep track of assignments and exams, how to prepare better and learn how to journal to stay focused.

Social Life and Balancing Academic Needs: It’s important to stay relaxed, manage stress and live a social and rewarding student life. So, we will work on balancing a social life without sacrificing your academic responsibilities.

Exploring new opportunities through Networking: Getting tied up on academics alone can steer us away from lifelong opportunities through networking. It’s important that we learn how to build professional relationships and participate in events and social gatherings that have to do with your career. Looking for possible internship as part of our learning process or developing social skills that will help us break the ice with our wariness to get on with life.

Are you ready to stop whatever is holding you back?

Whatever the challenges, your just one step away of breaking whatever barrier is keeping you from focusing on becoming your best version of yourself.

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