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Welcome to Fireflies Club, inspired by my novel, The Alchemist of the Spirit. Fireflies is the representation of the human spirit increasingly achieving a better version of himself. I invite you to join our club and enhance your transformative journey to live a truly extraordinary life, rich in meaning, connection, purpose, gratitude, and fulfillment, as you share your journey and life lessons with others. 

Membership is free, and its only objective is to socialize with people who have the same common interest. Every now and then, David will step in and share his wisdom, guide you through the process, or simply share some light with whatever issue you or as a group may have.

Like Facebook, but much more personal, because you can;

  • Share stories

  • Mood

  • Create your own group and chat

  • Upload photos

  • Share your "Life Lessons" with other peoples.

  • Seek counsel

  • Do Networking

  • Have an App to communicate with me or other people in your group.

Feel free to look around, create a group, share your thoughts. Nothing to purchase. Your email will not be shared, David would be the only one sending an occasional email to the group.

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