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Leadership requieres relentless committment to a better self

While in politics, distraction can come about easily and we lose our path to hearsay, political demands, public, media, friends and family opinion. So how do we stay focused?

Being on a campaign trail, or working in office, stress is around the corner at all time. Finding stillness to reflect on what drove us to becoming a politician in the first place, can be easily forgotten, and we lose a sense of self, trying to fulfill everyone’s need and expectation.

So how can a political mentor/coach help me?


Staying focused in the political arena, keeping with your set goals and getting the stillness required to adapt to the ever-changing environment requires skills that we sometimes forget because of all the noise and overwhelming appraisal.

So how do we keep our goals and political commitments?

As a mentor/coach I’ve helped politicians with their political skills, knowledge and with their team efforts. I am far from being your guru, barely, but I help you establish the framework so better improve on your goals. I guide you to find solutions that will help ease the stress and stay focus on your ultimate goals.

I help in keeping the latent passion of learning to keep the political flame in full swing during the campaign or during your time in office.

Trying to achieve great success and even become an extraordinary politician is extremely difficult, if not impossible. It doesn't really matter how competitive it is, how good you are at it, or what you have achieved in your life as a person, the fact is that it requires extra

ordinary effort and doing as a team effort is always much easier.

Why do politicians and successful people have a coach?

• They want or need to be challenged

• Learn to accept criticism without being offended

• A mentor is like having a  “spiritual guide” or confidant

• You want to feel inspired

• Feel responsible for achieving your goals

• The time factor is essential

• It saves them pain, stress, and frustrations

• It helps them get an idea of ​​themselves

• It gives them a sense of belief and self-confidence.

I've helped over 20 politicians, I've delineated, through a concise Political Profile StudyTM, that provides you with;

• Image: A study that will reflect which sectors the politician appeals to most.(men/women and young people).

o Recommendations

• Political Strength:

o Communications

o Fund Raising

o What are the favorable days

o Personal Strengths

o Political Message

o Political weakness

o Recommendations

• Rank & Fame: A quantitative and qualitative analysis allows us to see the position that the candidate obtains during his political career. This instead serves the candidate to evaluate or reevaluate his long-term political future.

• An outlook of the Year: All aspects such as;

o Economic

o Familiar

o Personal, etc.

• Electional Geographical Study:

o Strong areas

o Weak areas

o Recommendations







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