Get the most out of our time together

Set the tone: Assure you’re in a quiet space, uninterrupted. Hands-free is always more convenient if we are on the phone. Have your journal or notes ready.

Plan Ahead: Complete the form below and submit this to me prior to the session. This way we avoid warming up and we get straight to work.

Prioritize: What do you want to focus on? Remember, time flies and we want to take advantage of your time.

Make Clear Request: Write down what request you have and how can I best serve your needs. For example; How can I improve my communication with my boss? Ask yourself; How do I want my coach to help me with this? Do you have some limited beliefs?

State of Mind: Reflect for a few minutes or during the day to focus on yourself and your needs. Don’t improvise, we want to make sure your making a sound investment. Take notes, focus on your needs and the changes you want to make. If you feel your in a “rut” and need help focusing, let me know.

Small Talk: I love to talk and share how are lives are going and the family, but this is your time, let’s get down to business and take advantage of our session together.

We Both Benefit: Regular feedback on our coaching partnership is important so that I know what works and what’s valuable to you.  Also, let me know what is not working or has less value to you. Remember, at the beginning you may feel things are slow, but changing habits, emotions and focusing on new things will take time to mature. So our journey is initiated together, so I am as much interested as you to see results.




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